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We are all strange girls.

We all harbor some memory of feeling like an outsider, a stranger. These feelings were most acute growing up: never quite getting with the program, never feeling quite in step with the cool kids.

“What if people don’t like me?” Many of the dramas in these pieces are based on feelings that girls grow up with.

But being a strange girl can transcend gender.
Anyone who views this work will find a memory or story from their own lives that resonates.

“Girlhood, “ in the context of this show, is a state of being and a state of mind.
It is one marked by being the other simply by virtue of being, femininity conflated with all that is weird and wrong across cultures.
I invite you to be the strange girl that you are.

My sometimes goofy figures live in a dream world,
cower in relationships
or stand tall in the face of adversity.
Some people think they’re funny which is always interesting and never wrong.
My stories are full of the flotsam of memory, the jetsam of popular culture.
My objects try to reconcile the odd ways in which people navigate their adjacent worlds.
One-on-one relationships, family groupings, schoolyard politics- the intimacy, the loneliness, the humor, the oddity of various combinations of humans, large and small.
To be strange is to be unique, to be in natural opposition to the norm.
Be a strange girl because you already are. Melissa Stern

September 2018