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My background is in anthropology, and my work reflects both non-Western and outsider art influences. My figurative sculptures are characterized by their richly drawn and deeply layered surfaces and use of unusual materials, as well their quirky, often dark humor.

I work like a handyman cobbling together sculptures from elements found, borrowed, and imagined. The basic element is clay to which I add a wide range of materials from encaustic to wood, pastel to steel.

The work presented here is all from a project that examines the circus sideshow. The ceramic sculptures present a dark but comic vision of this world. They are an outsider artist’s view of the carnival midway; eccentric clowns on parade, games like “bowling for bunnies,” a ring toss, a knife throw, and dangling acrobats.

I have always been fascinated by the world of the sideshow. A historic haven for misfits and freaks it offered both a way for these outsiders to make a living and be celebrated for their “oddness”. It is a world of color, sound, music and magic. My hope is that the sculptures that I have created celebrate the fun and beauty of this world, as well as it’s darker side.