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3rd Grade was a big year for me. It was the first year for homework, the first year that it was OK to hate the substitute teacher, and the first year I realized that boys are in fact dumber and weaker than girls.

“Third Grade” evokes memories of experiences that we all have had. Images of the schoolyard resonate today: The teacher’s pet, the class clown, the dunce, the most popular girl in the school. The wild mixture of feelings - pride, self-consciousness, fun, fear: feeling at once big and small.

All of the sculptures in “Third Grade” are made of fired clay, covered with beeswax and a variety of paints. The drawings are oil paint and collage paper, layered with wax. In both drawings and sculptures, the translucent beeswax builds great depth within the surface, creating a third dimension on both paper and clay. The memories of the child are layered one atop the other. Through gesture, form, and texture, each piece provides the pieces of a story. Each viewer provides his or her own ending. Class dismissed.