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Artspiel – “Melissa Stern – Walking the Line”

Artspiel – “Strange Girls at Garvey Simon”

Wesleyan Magazine – “Melissa Stern ’80: On Strange Girls as a State of Being”

Office Magazine – “Girls are Strange”

Hyperallergic - Some Dark and Satirical Takes on Misogyny by Daniel Larkin, November 2018

Art Speak - Melissa Stern Interview By Yasemin Vargi, November 2018

You’re Soaking in It Catalogue

Strange Girls Catalogue

The Akron Art Museum, Gallery Talk, May 2014, The Talking Cure

Conversations in the Crystal, The Akron Art Museum, Stern On Arbus

Conversations in the Crystal, The Akron Art Museum, Stern On Guston

SOPA Fine Arts

MoCA NY - Artist Spotlight

The Talking Cure at Kranzberg Arts Center, HEC-TV Scope, Published on Jan 29, 2018

‘Talking Cure’ gives voice to sculptural figures, Feb 8, 2018. By Sarah Weinman

Nationally Acclaimed Multimedia Installation “The Talking Cure” Opening January 19 at The Gallery at Kranzberg Arts Center, By Amy Burger, Jan 5, 2018

“The Talking Cure,” invites audiences to become part of the artistic process, By Melissa Meinzer January 17, 2018

Melissa Stern, “The Talking Cure”, by Elise Armani, WAM Collective

Melissa Stern: The Talking Cure Smart Clothes Gallery, New York

Talking heads, talking art Minnesota Daily, September 7, 2016

Melissa Stern's Sculptures with Voices The Stranger, April 20, 2012

Melissa Stern aCast, February 22, 2017

All events for The Talking Cure City of Charleston, July 2016

Redux's current exhibition, 'The Talking Cure,' is multifaceted Charleston City Paper/Culture Shock

You're Soaking in it, at Station Independent Projects, New York

The Talking Cure, by Camille LeFevre, Citipages

The Talking Cure, A video that documents the traveling multi-media installation exhibition

Charleston Art Mag, The Talking Cure: 12 Figures, 12 Writers, 12 Actors, by Marjorie Rawle, May 2016

South Carolina Public Radio, Melissa Stern’s “Talking Cure”, by Jeanette Guinn, June 21, 2016

Arts Daily, The Talking Cure at Redux Contemporary Art Center, May 2016

Four Piccolo Spoleto arts shows to see this weekend By Dan Poorman and Jeremy Reynolds, The Post and Courier, Jun 10 2016

'Money, Wheels, and Random Legs' a strong show at a unique space, The Chicago Tribune, October 14, 2015

Sculptor Invites Writers To Tell The Stories Of Her Works At Real Art Ways – by Susan Dunne, The Hartford Courant, March 5 2015

The Talking Cure at the Akron Museum– Press Release, The Akron Art Museum, May 2014

The Talking Cure at the Akron Museum– Listing,The Akron Art Museum, May 2014

Gallery Talk, The Talking Cure, The Akron Art Museum, May 2014

Don't Miss: May 31-June 6, Wall Street Journal, May 30th, 2014

Melissa Stern ’80: Off-Balance Art, Wesleyan, 2013
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In Conversation: Leah Oates Interviews Melissa Stern, NY ARTS MAGAZINE, March 2013

Melissa Stern: Smart Clothes, ARTnews, January 2013


The Talking Cure: Art Meets Freud in Lower East Side Exhibit,, December 2012

New York: The Talking Cure – Artist Talk and Reception,, November 2012


THE TALKING CURE- exhibition,, November 2012

Melissa Stern: The Talking Cure / Smart Clothes Gallery, New York, Ceramics Now Magazine Website (, October 2012

Nostalgic Confessions: DRAWING, NY Arts, February 2009

Up Close and Personal With: Melissa Stern, An interview with Patricia Pelehach, May 2006

Studio Swan Introduces Artists Melissa Stern and Jessie Mann, The Times-Herald, July 15, 2007

Melissa Stern Loose Lips, Nina Felshin, September 2006

BIRDLAND, David Lusk, David Lusk Gallery, Memphis, TN, 2006

Avoiding Definition, Artwork Elicits Emotion, by Morgan Searl,
Chelsea Clinton News, February 2006

Drawn to the Clever Side of Art, by Fredric Koeppel, Memphis Playbook,
April, 2006

MELISSA STERN: MEMORY< MARKINGS< THE PAST, Paul J. Karlstrom, Children's Museum of the Arts, 2003

Forms & TransFormations, Ceramics Monthly, May 1998

A Gallery Season Closing Down in Kent, by William Zimmer,
The New York Times, December 1996

New York Clay, by Judith Schwartz, Ceramics Monthly, May 1996

More Art Faster, by Bana Witt, Western Edition,November 1995

New York i bare leire, Stavanger Aftenblad, by September, 1995

‘Viewpoints’ is at the Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, by Sarah Stark,
Taconic Newspaper, July 1994

Wonderful Find, by Donald Kennedy, Independent Culture & Arts, May 1994

Art Commentary, by Marion Wolberg Weiss, Dan’s Paper, May 1994

INTIMATE CONVERSATIONS, Gail Brown, Society of Arts & Crafts, Boston, 1992

Four New York Paths Cross in Kent, by Vivien Raynor, The New York Times,
August, 1992

Creative Expression Is in Full Flush At Kohler Factory, by Cynthia Crossen,
The Wall Street Journal, May 1991